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SiteSoft has developed a technology solution as a direct response to The New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act, which came into force in September 2015. The purpose of the Act was to provide a balanced framework to secure the health and safety of workers and workplaces.

The problem to solve was to ensure workers were compliant with health and safety practices on site, and had received adequate and up to date communication of risks and hazards before commencing work on a site, and that property owners had confidence that their contractors are safe and compliant. 

The Act defines a PCBU as a Person in Control of a Business or Undertaking.

Any PCBU who manages or controls a workplace must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the work-place, the means of entering and exiting the workplace, and anything arising from the work- place are without risks to the health and safety of any person.

Owners and managers of work places, have greater responsibilities than ever before around the health and safety of their community.  Limited availability of tools to track the movements of contractors and/or staff, or communicate important information to contractors and visitors to their sites, and record vital information is cumbersome, costly and time consuming.

Our SiteConnect Solution helps ensure a thorough supervision of health and safety related aspects for their workplace, controlling and monitoring access, allowing identification of risks and hazards, providing induction controls, logging of key documents and information,  and allowing easy communications to those on or in a work-place.

Manual or semi-automated property sign-in/sign out processes are often time consuming, costly to use, and most frequently ignored. This results in missed opportunities to communicate site specific risks and hazards, and breaches health and safety regulations for site attendance recording.

Additionally, there is a greater requirement for vigilance to ensure competency and current certifications of workers that are on site.

A failure to have a functional and responsible solution to these problems can result in all levels of incidents attracting potentially large financial liability, and significant reputational damage.  

SiteConnect can be customised to satisfy a variety of different industries and can be deployed in virtually any country. 

SiteConnect risk compliance and workforce tracking app is a modern technology solution that solves a significant problem – answering important questions about – who is in or on my workplace, are they qualified to be working there, have they been safety briefed and have they acknowledged the known risks and hazards. 

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