SiteSoft SiteConnect is a low cost solution for Sub-Contractors
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A low-cost solution for Small, Medium & Large Sub-Contractor Businesses

SiteConnect makes digital Health & Safety compliance accessible to everyone.

SiteConnect is a low-cost solution for sub-contractor businesses from all industries, removing the need for paperwork while managing health & safety obligations.

Quickly clone sites, engage all workers with the app, automate SSSP management and increase communication from site to office. SiteConnect is your one-stop-shop for site management and health & safety.

Focused on saving your business time and giving your team more ways than one to record, act and comply with health & safety.

The below core pillars showcase how we can connect the sub-contractor within SiteConnect:

SiteConnect's Total Site Messaging feature
Four Pillars of our SiteConnect Sub-Contractor Solution
SiteConnect Customer Reference Quote - Tammy Alexander of Maugers Contracting
Tammy Alexander Health & Safety Advisor at Maugers Contracting

Our Operational sites are anything from one member on-site to all hands on deck. No day is the same in our field. SiteConnect has given us the ability to contact and trace our teams along with being an excellent site management and health & safety program.

    Why Choose SiteConnect?

    Geo-Fence Auto Sign-in

    Automate the sign-in process whilst gathering detailed records on who has been at your sites and when they left.

    Toolbox Talks

    Record Tool Box Talk minutes as they happen, add the attendees and what was discussed.

    Automated SSSP Management

    Use the site-specific data already in your SiteConnect system to generate Site-Specific Safety Plans (SSSP).

    Document Management

    Load Site Documents and access through mobile app.

    Digital Task Analysis Documents

    Upload Task Analysis Documents for your entire team to access on-site through the mobile app.

    Hazard & Risk Management

    Load risk and hazard registers which is then accessible to all entering the workplace or site.

    Incident Management

    SiteConnect guides you through the investigation process and records Lost Time Incidents (LTI).

    Audits & Pre-starts

    Build Audit Forms within the SiteConnect web portal to then carry out when on-site with the mobile app.

    Total Site Messaging

    Send one-way communication to your entire workforce or individual sites.

    Our demos are customised around you.

    Let us answer your questions and learn more about your unique business challenges. We love solving your problems.

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