Employers who care about Staff Safety use SiteConnect

SiteConnect provides a clever risk communication solution that helps employers who face a variety of both physical and environmental hazards track their workforces, and meet the most important requirements of the 2015 Health & Safety at Work Act; to gain specific acknowledgement of these to help protect their workers.

Download our Employee Safety brochures for Cleaning Services, Collision Repairers and Road Workers.

Smart use of Mobile App technology and GeoFencing tells you where your employees are, for how long and when they left.

  • SiteConnect tracks employees with time and date stamped reporting of site entry and exits and an ability to ‘see’ a employees on your property via the administrator’s portal – particularly useful for larger properties.
  • Managers give employees SiteConnect free to keep them safe, and to gain essential acknowledgements of risks and hazards.
  • SiteConnect helps you manage hazardous substances on site with Safety Data Sheets.

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