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SSSP Management

SiteConnect is your living and breathing Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) collecting data to keep your SSSP current. All essential components of SSSP Management are collected and stored in SiteConnect.

SiteConnect SSSP Hazardous Substances Register on Web & Mobile Apps


Project Plan Agreement

Upload & Share Agreements

Upload your project plan agreement to the documents folder, which can then be shared with your connected network. Have this information to hand so everyone can access your most important documentation while out on site.

SiteConnect SSSP Project Plan Agreement on Mobile App
SiteConnect SSSP Task Analysis for Web & Mobile Apps


Task Analysis / Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

Task Analysis Forms

Have your most important Task Analysis forms loaded into SiteConnect so that you and your team can access them wherever they may be carrying out dangerous work.

Teams Have Access to all Information

All team members have access to task analysis information through the SiteConnect mobile app for ease of use and greater communication when completing a high-risk task.


Toolbox Talks

View Your Meetings Online

Holding daily pre-start meetings and toolbox talks are standard practice on a building site. Traditionally these meetings would take place with little or no documentation of them. With SiteConnect, anyone can take a toolbox talk meeting, choose a topic, set a plan, select all attendees, and add photographs to compliment the ‘talk’ straight from their mobile device. All of this information can be then exported out of the SiteConnect web portal to PDF, which can then be emailed or printed as necessary. .

SiteConnect SSSP Toolbox Talks on Mobile App
SiteConnect SSSP Training Register on Web App


Training & Qualifications Register

One Source of Truth

SiteConnect gives you one source of truth over all documentations held on everyone within your connected network.

Full Visibility of Training & Qualifications

Take back control of your on-site compliance and have full visibility over what training and qualifications your employees and contractors’ employees have to carry out work across your sites.

Management of Sites

Manage what sites your employees/contractors can access and keep track of when their documentations are close to expiration. You can use this window to send direct messages or mass communications using the SiteConnect Total Site Messaging feature. For more information on this feature, please download the brochure below.

SiteConnect Total Site Messaging Feature Brochure


Hazardous Substance Register

SiteConnect SSSP Hazardous Substances Register on Web & Mobile Apps

Automate Your Register

SiteConnect replaces the Hazardous Substance folder that used to sit on the top shelf of the site office (you know the one); SiteConnects hazardous substance register is easy for everyone on site to find in a hurry when responding to a first aid situation.

Upload Photos & Documents

Like all other SiteConnect features, you can add photographs and documents to complement the information. each substance, and storage requirements.

Record all Hazardous Substances On-Site

The register is located on the mobile app’s main page, and all substance templates can be created in the web portal for easy administration. Understand what substances are on your site, their risk info, additional measures taken independently of each substance, and storage requirements.

SiteConnect SSSP Hazards Register on Web & Mobile Apps


Risk (Hazard) Register

Document & Track Your Risks

Document and track your risks; maintaining a risk register allows you and your team to prevent incidents and near misses by following preventative controls and corrective actions.

Ease of Use

Controlling your risk register is made easier through the mobility of SiteConnects mobile app integrated with the web-portal making the management of this a breeze for your entire team.


Incident & Hazard Management

SiteConnect SSSP Incidents Report on Web & Mobile Apps

Reduce Risk of Incidents

Utilizing SiteConnect’s fully integrated incident and hazard system makes administering this area of health & safety easy. By managing incidents efficiently, you will save yourself time and reduce the risk of these incidents happening in the first place.

Recording Incidents or Hazards

Anyone using the SiteConnect mobile app can record an incident or hazard quickly. Once recorded, the site supervisor will be notified of the incident immediately, even if he is not present on-site. Once an incident is documented, SiteConnect has a built-in investigation system that makes it easy to follow the appropriate steps. Write an overview of what happened, calculate lost time due to injury, record the causes/corrective actions, add any witnesses, and write up your notes. Like everything else in SiteConnect, the incident feature can be exported to PDF and printed to a hard copy or emailed to appropriate parties.


Emergency Response Plans

Effective Communication

The SSSP document should be continuously updated and managed as a site matures during its construction. As part of the SSSP, emergency response plans may change during construction. By using SiteConnect’s mobility and accessibility, having SiteConnect as part of your emergency response plan can be another effective way of communicating what to do when there is a crisis.

Emergency Contact Details

Arm your workers with the emergency contact details of key staff, nearby hospitals, and emergency crews.

SiteConnect SSSP Emergency Response Plans for Mobile App


Lost Time Incidents (LTI)

SiteConnect SSSP Lost Time Incidents on Web App

Keep Track of LTIs

Integrated with the SiteConnect incident feature is the Lost Time Incidents (LTI) record. Keeping track of these metrics is a great way to share your health & safety programs’ effectiveness with business leaders and stakeholders. These metrics provide details on specific areas and give you a better understanding of where to direct your health & safety efforts over a period of time.

Recording Details of Affected Person

Record the affected person, the health provider caring for the person, ACC case manager, the return to work process, and detailed time records; this will then give you a detailed LTI summary.

Protect your people and your business.

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