Health & Safety Management

The SiteSoft GeoTrack Solution is used to manage the rigorous induction requirements of the 2015 Health & Safety at Work Act.

The solution is made compulsory to all contractor visitors to any type of site and ensures they are properly advised of the health and safety risks of that site and they acknowledge their understanding of these.

SiteSoft GeoTrack knows that these risks and hazards change and a vigilant administrator will keep the system current so that appropriate messaging is changed from time to time.

Each and every time a contractor visits will require a new acknowledgement.

Once on site a contractor can record new risks and hazards directly on the application and these will now be visible to all workers, until remedied.

The SiteSoft GeoTrack solution makes contractor on site visible in real time – making it simple to see who they are and provides immediate mobile phone contact details.

Our document handler makes it possible to store contractor compliance documentation – ensure insurances and other training certifications are current through the SiteSoft diary management process.

The system also provides for:

  • Entry & Exit Time and Date stamps
  • Downloading reports in CSV format
  • Hazards Register
  • Incidents Register
  • Tailored Induction Courses
  • Custom development for special industry sector requirements