SiteSoft GeoTrack

SiteSoft GeoTrack is a robust, secure and scalable solution to manage and track your contractors.

SiteSoft GeoTrack Login

It uses GPS tracking technologies to determine if a contractor is entering a site, is onsite or is leaving a site. Upon arriving at a site SiteSoft GeoTrack delivers a site specific induction to the contractor’s mobile device. The contractors going onsite is required to view the provided induction material and acknowledge that it was read.

They are also prompted to provide a reason for their site visit. Smart hey! It’s great for reporting.

The contractors do not even have to have the SiteSoft GeoTrack app open on their phones. Everything is processed in the background and uses minimal battery usage due to efficient battery usage while the app runs. They are only required to view the content provided in the app when they are prompted to do so via notifications.

SoteSoft GeoTrack uses smart battery usage techniques to ensure your phone does not go flat due to it being open. Of course if you leave your phone unlocked and the app is always running it will use up the battery but so does every other app you have installed on your phone.

How are contractors tracked? A geofence is set up on a map. A geofence (magic fence, invisible fence as others call it) is an area marked on a map. Think of it as a virtual perimeter. When a contractor crosses the virtual perimeter, they are marked to be onsite. You can see it live in your onsite reports.

We do not say that GPS is the best tech out there to do these things but it gets the job done. We do have alternative solutions to track contractors going on and off site. QR codes are unique to each site. When a contractor scans a QR code they will either be scanned in or out. It’s the same process as the automated GPS tracking but a manual process.

You can also register hazards, risks and incidents using SiteSoft. We have many more registers available for you to use. The hazards and risks you register is automatically displayed to contractors when they enter your site that has a virtual perimeter.