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Small-Medium Businesses

Health & Safety Management is essential in today’s business environment. If not done correctly, the health and wellbeing of your staff and contractors can be seriously affected. It also exposes your company managers and executive officers to considerable liability and reputational damage.

SiteConnect makes contributing towards Health & Safety Compliance simple.

Our new technology creates greater engagement around the workplace and will give you peace-of-mind that you have a strong compliance process in place.

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Nigel Smith National Franchisor at Milestone Homes

SiteConnect gave my team the tools needed to react to an accident on-site quickly. It gave me peace-of-mind that the incident was investigated properly and the risks mitigated for the future.

Why Choose SiteConnect?

Replaces Manual Processes

Join the digital world and make digital tools available for your teams.

Connected Teams

Harness the power of smartphone technology. Connect your teams using the same applications no matter where you are based.

Audits & Inspections

SiteConnect makes Auditing and Inspecting easy with customizable forms.

Connected API

SiteConnect can work together with your mission-critical software.

SiteConnect Site Sign-in Features

Total Site Messaging

Use SiteConnect to communicate with everyone involved in your project or site.

No User Limit

SiteConnect removes the per-user fee making recording health & safety compliance accessible to everyone.

Hazards & Incidents

Reporting hazards and incidents, and investigating is easy with SiteConnect.

Site Reporting

Know who has been on-site, when they arrived, when they left, and how long they were there.

Create Greater Engagement

Health & Safety is not just about compliance, it’s about engagement.
SiteConnect Pre-Qualification Contractor Qualifications on Web App

Total Site Management

SiteConnect creates greater engagement, enabling you to have better total site management. It's not only about Health & Safety, it's about communication.

Pick the Right Solution

With many digital safety solutions emerging, it can be overwhelming to pick the right one with confidence.
SiteConnect SSSP Incidents Report on Web & Mobile Apps

SiteConnect is a One-Stop-Shop

SiteConnect is a one-stop-shop for managing all Site Sign-in & Inductions, Site Safety, SSSP Management, Total Site Messaging and Contractor Pre-qualifications. SiteConnect removes the need to rely on either a paper-based health & safety system or an over-promised and under-delivered digital system.

Our demos are customised around you.

Let us answer your questions and learn more about your unique business challenges. We love solving your problems.

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