Collect & Communicate Site Specific Data​

SiteConnect is a whole of life Site Management and Health & Safety solution that can be used by many business types who have a wide variety of assets and facilities to develop and manage.​

It works by making simple smart phone app and web administration (admins only) technology available to all invited stakeholders.

Information is collected and shared by push notifications, email and SMS text, but can also be exported through API’s to populate other mission critical information systems.

This keeps employees, contractors and managers connected with information that is site relevant and creates an ecosystem of effective engagement.

Typical uses include:

  • Adherence to Site Specific Health & Safety Compliance including site visitor inductions
  • Worker attendance date/time stamped and duration on-site
  • Hazard & Incident reporting, sharing and mitigation
  • Document sharing
  • Total Site Communication
  • COVID-19 compliance
  • Work Order initiation – Task assignment and monitoring
  • Custom Audit & Inspection tools including Tool Box Talks
  • API integration with other software
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Total Site Messaging

Use SiteConnect to communicate with everyone involved in your project or site.

Replaces Manual Processes​

Join the digital world and make digital tools available for your teams.

Greater Engagement

We understand that engaging health & safety can be challenging; SiteConnect has been built from the ground up with this in mind.

Hazards & Incidents

Reporting hazards and incidents, and investigating is easy with SiteConnect.

Audits & Inspections

SiteConnect makes Auditing and Inspecting easy with customizable forms.

Connected Teams

Harness the power of smartphone technology. Connect your teams using the same applications no matter where you are based.

One Solution

SiteConnect can work together with your mission-critical software.

Site Reporting

No who has been on-site when they arrived and when they left, and how long they were there.

Health & Safety Advisory

Our professional health & safety advisor is only a phone call away if you or a team member has any questions.


SiteConnect and SiteConnect data can be integrated with all your business systems.


Data recorded is pulled into powerful analytics to give you and your team actionable insights.

Data Extraction

Data can be extracted by CSV and exported as required.

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