BC Group Digital Log Book

Ensure your buildings are maintained correctly with BC Group's Digital Log Book powered by SiteConnect.

The BC Group web portal, developed over the last 15 years, allows our Staff, Clients and Contractors to view progress to the BWOF being issued on time. The data is live and available worldwide 24/7 over the Internet.

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The Digital Log Book will record the details of the person visiting the site, note which specified system they are maintaining, capture their IQP number, and record any remedial items for any of the Specified Systems within that property.

As a PCBU under the Health and Safety Work Act 2015, it is the building owners responsibilities to ensure their buildings are safe. To help clients ensure their buildings are correctly maintained, BC Group have come up with a new innovative solution. A number of our clients are failing Council initiated audits because they have failed to log and record the contractors they have engaged to maintain their specified systems in their buildings.

If a remedial item is recorded (a remedial item is work required to get the system working 100%) then an automated weekly reminder will be sent to that contractor to remind them that this needs to be completed.  BC Group see this as a great tool for their clients to enable greater effective control over their contractors and meet the legal requirements under the Building Act to ensure their buildings are maintained correctly.

Key Features

Capture all relevant information on your site visitors.

Visitor Tracking

To ensure the contactor is doing their job correctly the Client can tell how long and when the contractor was on site.

Accurate Payment

With our digital log book you can pay the contractors invoices and know they have done the job.

Auditor Access

Auditors can type in the very simple address at the bottom of all our BWOF’s and get access to the log book digitally.

BC Group Digital Log Book User Guide