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Mobile App Technology

By adopting SiteConnect, you will enter a new world of visibility around Health & Safety in your enterprise. Collect and share data in real-time.

App-Based Technology

The SiteConnect mobile app is an app-based technology that allows your workers to easily contribute and comply with health & safety in the workplace.

Connected Networks

SiteConnect creates a positive culture surrounding health & safety making it easier for your entire company and everyone within your connected network to remain compliant with the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.

Proof of Compliance

The app makes collecting proof of compliance simple for everyone, with all data collected held securely in the cloud for when you might need it most.


Geo-fencing Auto Sign-in

Geo-fencing makes site sign-in simple. Set-up virtual fences around your sites. Quick and easy, and user administrator driven.

SiteConnect QR Code Sign-in on Mobile & Web Apps

Trigger Site Sign-in

You can create a Geo-fenced site in less than 1 minute. The SiteConnect app integrates with your workers’ smartphone GPS device. Once they pass through the site’s virtual boundary, they automatically trigger a site sign-in and are required to acknowledge the hazards on site. Once they leave the site, the worker will be automatically signed out.

Push Notifications

Signing into a Geo-fenced site triggers a push notification informing the worker that they are now on-site. They are then required to acknowledge the site Noticeboard and Hazards on a daily basis.

Data Stored Securely in the Cloud

All sign-in data is stored securely in the cloud to be used for compliance records. For more detailed information on SiteConnect’s Geofencing Auto Sign-in feature and how it could add value to your business, please download the following document.

SiteConnect Geo-Fence Solution Brochure

SiteConnect QR Code Sign-in on Mobile App


QR Code Sign-in

Removing Paper-Based Systems

Reliable, cost-effective, and quick to deploy, QR codes are a great way of removing paper-based registry systems while linking all employees, contractors, workers and visitors to your health & safety management system.

Live View of Who is On-site

Placing QR codes at entry points to a site or an area requiring individual access gives your organisation a ‘live’ view of who is on your sites, what company they belong to, and their time of departure. On top of this, use SiteConnect’s pre-qualification feature to establish if they are qualified to be on site.


App Site Registration

Utilise your camera function to sign into site

Do you have workers or visitors coming on site who do not possess a smart phone or are not within your SiteConnect network ? Don’t worry; you can sign them into site using the camera function on your smartphone or theirs without downloading the SiteConnect app.

Contact details for staff/contractors on-site

Once you scan the QR code you will be prompted to enter their company name, full name, email address and contact number. This will register their details in SiteConnect and give you a record of them being on-site especially in the event of an emergency.

tablet-based application

SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk Sign-in

SiteConnect can be used on a tablet.
SiteConnect Site Sign-in using Visitor Tablet

Securely place at the Entrance to your Site Location

The SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk Sign-in is a tablet-based application that links directly with SiteConnect’s sign in/out and induction records. The tablet/kiosk application is a further addition to your worker sign-in options. Place your tablet securely at the entrance off your site-office or other location.

Connect Your Site Attendance to Payroll

SiteConnect data collected through the SiteConnect application can be used to link to your payroll system for proof of attendance.

Record the Attendance of Visitors & Contractors

The SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk Sign-in feature is versatile and can be used in many industries to mark a site entrance and exit. Particularly useful for recording the attendance of visitors and contractors who don’t have mobile phones or are not already connected to your wider SiteConnect network. 

Download the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk Solution Brochure here


Site Inductions

Create Your Own Custom Site Inductions

SiteConnect gives you the ability to fully custom create site inductions that can be sent out to all your connected network.

SiteConnect Site Inductions on Mobile & Web Apps


COVID-19 Compliance

Keep your business COVID-19 compliant.

Quickly Deploy our COVID-19 Module

Our SiteConnect COVID-19 Module can be rapidly deployed and updated as compliance changes occur. SiteConnect developers react rapidly to meet government standards.

Record Vital Information

SiteConnect COVID-19 Module can be turned on and off by site administrators. With rapid changes in compliance, this user functionality is imperative to enable work to be completed uninterrupted. Free text fields enable user defined messaging, making it flexible to manage health declarations as required. For more information, download the below document. 

Download the SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site Solution Brochure here

SiteConnect Site Sign-in Declaration on Web App
SiteConnect Site Sign-in & Reports on Access on Web App


Report on Access

Export Records to CSV

All sign-in and out records are securely stored in the cloud within SiteConnect’s web portal, ready for when you might need to extract or use this critical compliance information. You can export all records to a CSV file to share this information with 3rd parties effortlessly. The three access reports accessible with the SiteConnect web portal are Sign-in/out records, currently on-site records, and time spent on-site records

Easy to Navigate Reports

These reports are easy to navigate and are also displayed in the main dashboard as an analytic—filter by users, contractors, or sites within your specified date range. Using these reports is also an easy way to contact any employees or contractors that have signed into the site by using the SiteConnect ‘Total Site Messaging’ feature. For more information on this, please download the below document.

SiteConnect Total Site Messaging Feature Brochure

Protect your people and your business.

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