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Has workplace complacency crept into your business? Are you aware of the risk of OH&S non-compliance to you? Chances are you’re risking your entire business.

Dear Site Manager

You know how easy it is to fall behind on your OH&S compliance. You’re busy getting the latest project built, and WorkSafe, well, you never see those guys unless there’s a serious accident – right?

Did you know WorkSafe inspectors visit over 40,000 workplaces each year?

Do you realise that construction workers account for more than 22% of work-related deaths every year.

Moreover, they are 71% more likely to suffer from nonfatal injuries, compared to all other industries.

It’s only a matter of time before it happens to you.

Worse still, as soon as you have an accident onsite you can expect three health and safety inspectors on your door asking “where’s your compliance documents”.

The cost of non-compliance can be enormous. For example, consider an electrical  contractor who was faced with the reality that one of his men had been fatally electrocuted on site. He did not have sufficient OH&S compliance and the insurance company took him to the cleaners. He was bankrupted.

For a construction company with over 20 employees the risk of OH&S non-compliance is considerable. If you have over 100 employees it’s almost guaranteed you will be audited. The tab keeps climbing and all fingers will point back to the guy managing the site!

Fortunately, there’s a cost-effective, scalable solution that manages your OH&S compliance documents… while ensuring only fully inducted and certified contractors are on your site. Introducing…

SiteSoft – the construction Industry’s most effective site management software

You may have seen site access control products advertised for the construction industry – primarily to control the entry and exit of workers each day. These software packages simply check a worker has the right pass to access the site.

But the SiteSoft suite of products gives you a solution for monitoring, reporting, controlling, and managing site access that’s many times more sophisticated, flexible and powerful – yet just as easy to use in your business.

The key is SiteSofts sophisticated four step methodology – documentation, induction, access and WH&S management. Based on this methodology you get back the control you have lost through paper based systems and excel sheets.

Sitesoft allows you to upload and archive compliance and certification documentation. Safety incident reporting via video and audio upload. Site access via apps and site specific codes.

Add to that the capability to induct plant equipment and operate equipment across any site. It even works on your phone!

The result? You manage your business risk by ensuring only certified contractors are on your site – while SiteSoft maintain the system on your behalf.

A return on investment that makes good business sense

As you’ve seen, an employee that is not OH&S compliant could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not destroy your business. But with SiteSoft’s very reasonable licensing fee the cost of preventing an OH&S audit from WorkSafe can start at just a small fee per user. How many software products have given you this kind of immediate return on IT investment?

For more information and a free evaluation of SiteSoft call 1300 302 447, email, or complete the form below.

In the meantime, stick your head out the office window and take a look around. Will all of those hard working tradies make it to the end of the day accident free?

This is one decision your CEO will praise you for your foresight. We guarantee it!

Rob Hastings

Manager – Sitesoft.

Contact Details:

Site Soft Pty Ltd

Head Office: Suite 903, 127 Kent Street,
NSW, 2000.

Phone:  1300 302 447

“we manage your risk by ensuring only fully inducted and certified contractors are on your site, we install and maintain the complete system on your behalf.”

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