Release Updates Version 2.4.4

Key Updates:

  • Ability to export Toolbox talks  to PDF documents from the web and mobile applications.
  • API authentication overhaul.
  • General bug fixes and security improvements.

Web View Update:

  • Added buttons to export toolbox talks.
  • Admins of free accounts can now add subcontractors to the system
  • Fixed the time spent on site records site selector
  • Improved the login and registration forms.
  • Improved the password change and password reset forms.
  • Added buttons to export toolbox talks.
  • Archived sites are now included in the site selector.

Mobile View Update:

  • Added buttons to export toolbox talks to PDF.
  • Visual overhaul to add more helpful information for inputs.
  • Added new ways to select and upload files.
  • Re-factored the app authentication.
  • Fixed and improved the contact us form. The new contact request types are Bug, Feature Request, Feedback, Sales and Support.
  • Site audits feature overhaul.
  • Fixed a location services bug that affected Android 10 users, not being signed in or out of sites properly.

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