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pre-qualifications for contractors on-site

Contractor Qualifications & Certifications

SiteConnect Pre-Qualification Contractor Qualifications on Web App

Streamline your contractor Pre-qualification processes. The robust SiteConnect pre-qualification feature will give you real-time status of your contractor companies and their employees qualifications and certifications. Know who is qualified to be on your sites and who is not.

Contractors Upload Documents

Contractors take responsibility to upload all certifications, insurances and relative Health & Safety documentation straight into your SiteConnect system prior to arriving on site. Once uploaded, you or your administrator, can appraise the documentation and rate it accordingly as well as setting expiry dates which will notify both parties when a document is expiring and needs updating.

Pre-Qualification Process

For further information on how SiteConnect can reduce double handling, increase engagement, and ultimately save your bottom line download the contractor Pre-Qualification brochure below.

SiteConnect Contractor Pre-Qualification Feature Brochure

keep contractor documentation updated

Contractor Web Portal Access

SiteConnect Contractor Web Portal Access

With SiteConnect your contractors have access to the administrative web portal to keep their documentation current. All contractors have free access removing any barrier to keeping information current.

Free Contractor User Access

SiteConnect automatically invites contractors to upload Health & Safety documentation, industry certifications and training competency documents that will lead to a deeper knowledge and comfort that workers are qualified to be on-site. 


Training & Qualifications Register

Keep all of your training and qualification information digitally in one place. 

Full Visibility of Training & Qualifications

Take back control of your on-site compliance and have full visibility over the training and qualifications your employees and contractors’ employees have to carry out work on your sites.

Management of Sites

Manage the sites your contractors and their employees can access and keep track of the expiration dates of their documentation. You can send messages directly to individuals, site users or groups of people using our Total Site Messaging feature. For more information on this feature, please download the brochure below.

SiteConnect Total Site Messaging Feature Brochure


Insurances & Certifications

Set Expiry Dates

Have your contractors’ insurance certificates and certifications at your fingertips within the SiteConnect system. Set expiry dates so that you and your contractors know when documents are due to expire.

Keep Documents Current

SiteConnect automatically requests contractors to keep expiring documents current. When documents expire, your administrators are contacted.

Protect your people and your business.

Get in contact with our SiteConnect team; we can customise our demos around you.

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