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Key Features

SiteConnect’s comprehensive Health & Safety features allow you to save time, protect contractors and staff while making sure they are qualified.

Site Management

Site Management
Set-up and store vital information about your sites.

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Create a virtual fence around your site for automated signing in and out of the site.

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QR Codes
Use QR Codes for more accurate and specific access to your site.
COVID-19 Healthy Site
Make your workplace a safer and more compliant environment for workers and visitors.

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Lost Time Incidents (LTI)
Record details of any Lost Time Incidents such as affected person, their health provider, ACC case manager and return to work details/plan.

Account Management

Employee Management
Manage your employees and their system permissions.
Contractor Management

Manage your contractors and their site access.

Ensure your contractors are qualified to be on site.

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Test Messages (SMS) for After Hours Notifications
Send SMS notifications with push notifications to increase the response rate of your users. Make your workplace a safer and more compliant environment for workers and visitors.

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Mass Communications
Communicate to all workers and contractors across your sites at a click of a button via SMS, Email or Push Notification.

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SSSP Management

Manage hazards on-site and their report and track incidents.
Hazardous Substances
Manage hazardous substances on a site with Safety Data Sheets.

Report and track incidents.

Create and attach any type of a document and assign them to sites.
Emergency Response Plans
Create and share Emergency Response Plans for sites.
Task Analysis

Create and share contractor Task Analysis documents.

Mobile App

Mobile App
Use our Mobile App to capture on site data and activities and share with other workers.
Ensure all workers and employees are properly inducted onto your sites.
Incident & Hazard Reporting
Report new hazards and incidents on site as they happen.
Toolbox Talks
Create and view toolbox talks.
Complete audits and site inspections with features to assign tasks and add media and notes.
Create and assign tasks with priority and due date.


Report on Access Control
See who is on-site, when users are signing in and out of site, and time spent on-site.
Report on Site Activity

View reported hazards, incidents and completed audits.

Exporting to PDF
All reports can be exported to PDF and CSV formats.

Additional Services

Visitor Kiosk
For visitors to sites who are not registered in SiteConnect, and for contractors without smartphones and working in remote reception areas with Wi-Fi.

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First Aid Kits & PPE Products
Order all your First Aid Kits and PPE products online with Oceania Medical.

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Health & Safety Advisor
Advice or guidance on the framework or practical side of implementing and maintaining your health & safety systems.

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