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Maugers Contracting

Maugers Contracting Ltd has been developing Canterbury, New Zealand, for over 50 years. A well-established 3rd generation family business based in Christchurch specialising in Subdivision, Earthmoving, Green-waste, Drainage, Roading and Construction.

Project partners and clients include Fulton Hogan, Fletcher Living, City Care and Ngai Tahu Ltd. With a significant in-house fleet of yellow steel and over 40 staff, Maugers uses SiteConnect to meet and manage HSE requirements.

Maugers Contracting
Maugers machinery on-site

How Maugers got their teams excited about using SiteConnect

Maugers had the challenge that many businesses face. How to get the guys excited and engaged in a basic level of buy-in towards health & safety?

As the Health & Safety Officer, it was Tammy’s responsibility to follow up and make sure these processes were being completed. To do this effectively, Tammy had to physically go to the site, often over an hour apart.

“One of the biggest challenges I had pre-SiteConnect was getting buy-in from the guys to fill out paper pre-starts or any paperwork in general. It just didn’t happen; it was impossible.”

The Geo-fencing automated sign-in and out feature was the biggest game-changer as it gave Maugers an accurate insight of who is on which site. Before SiteConnect, this was an area that was often out of their control.

On top of easy to use features, Tammy has been impressed with the continued updates and supportive team at SiteConnect.

"Theresa (SiteConnect’s in-house health & safety advisor) is excellent, and the ongoing support she has been able to give us has been crucial for our continued success with the platform."

SiteConnect has given the workers instant access to reporting incidents, near misses, risk and safety observations and even access documents on-site, all from the mobile app.

What Maugers Say

Maugers are very proud of their reputation of being specialists in their field. Their high calibre of work, no matter how big or small the project is, is why they aspire to be the best.

Client Photo
Tammy Alexander Health & Safety Advisor at Maugers Contracting

SiteConnect has given me the chance to remove myself from the compliance part of Health & Safety, giving me the tools to communicate with our staff way more efficiently.


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Celebrating the positive impact and successful implementation of a digital health & safety solution

“Once you have had chocolate, you can’t go back to vanilla. From a compliance point of view, my job is done. Once SiteConnect was set-up correctly, it’s the users who have control."

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