How to Sign out of Site

Once you have signed into you will want to sign out of that site when you leave.

If you are on a site that uses Geo Fencing, then there should be no action required. Simply leave the site and SiteConnect will detect that you have left and sign you out automatically.

If you are on a site that uses QR Codes, then you can simply sign out by scanning the QR Code.

If you need to sign out remotely you can do so in our Sign of Sites section. To do this, first click the menu button  in the top left. It should then show the side menu:

The Log Out button in the bottom does not sign you out of the site. This logs you out of the Mobile App but keeps you on site.

To sign out of a site you will need to click the Sign off Sites section. This will take you to a menu that shows you all of the sites you are currently signed into. Tapping any of those sites will sign you out of that site.