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Risk Auditor

Use our Risk Auditor to build checklists, conduct inspections
and file reports – anywhere, anytime.

Risk Auditor is an easy to customise web and mobile technology that can help you stay on top of risks and hazards on site. Easily develop new templates as you move from job-to-job. Ensure compliance and share reporting with stakeholders.

SiteConnect Risk Auditor is a great tool for doing any type of property inspection — suitable for body corporates, rental property managers, and complying with the new Healthy Homes rental checklist.

At the same time you can conduct your property safety inspections, using your phone or tablet. Easily assign remedial tasks in real time from on-site. PDF downloads help managers to report efficiently to owners.

Create Audit Templates & Reports from our Web App

Administrators create audit templates directly from our web app and generate reports for each site which can be exported to PDF.

Access Audit Inspection Forms from our Mobile App

Create audit inspection checklists from our mobile app in real-time on-site using your mobile or tablet. You can
also create and assign tasks, and upload notes and photos to your audit.