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COVID-19 Healthy Site

COVID-19 has necessitated the introduction of new Health & Safety protocols
required in our business, property and work environments.

As lockdown alert level 4 ends and alert level 3 commences, the construction industry is allowed to re-open if it complies with the new Government Regulations.

SiteSoft has launched a new SiteConnect COVID-19 Healthy Site module which ensures compliance with these new government regulations and keeps your staff safe while on-site. This is FREE to existing customers and is available right now for new customers.

SiteConnect’s COVID-19 Healthy Site module is included in our comprehensive health & safety site management application at no extra cost, supporting you to make your workplace a safer and more compliant environment for workers and visitors. Essential elements include:

  • All users are required to complete a health declaration after their first login since the release of this feature.
  • Site management are notified as soon as users sign into sites using GPS or QR Codes. These notifications can be toggled on or off by site account administrators.
  • A complete record of arrivals and departures are kept along with the sign-in and sign-out declarations for each site entry and exit.
  • Site sign-in and sign-out declarations must be completed on a regular basis. These declarations may vary from site-to-site, but will contain the same health and safety requirements.
  • SiteConnect enables simple self management of our COVID-19 feature. Site account administrators can customize the sign-in and sign-out declarations as needed for their organizations.