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SiteConnect enables registration of all regular site visitors, staff and contractors.

It uses accurate Geo-Fence technology to automatically track, time and datestamp access on and off sites via the GPS in your workforces phones.

The system records visitors as they come and go and the database securely stores relevant contractor certification or competency requirements. Makes for easy staff communication!

Mobile App and Geo-Fencing Technology

Mobile App technology and Geo-Fencing give you real-time updates on where your contractors are, for how long and when they leave

Visitor Management

SiteConnect automatically picks up when your workforce enters and leaves your property with time and date stamped reports of entry and exits as well as the ability to view contractors on your property from an administrator’s dashboard, which is especially useful when you have a large property.

Detailed Reports

You can generate detailed reports over any site, see who has entered, when they entered/exited, whether they acknowledged the induction material, the reason for their visit, and their contact information.

QR Code Feature

QR codes can be used as an optional feature within the SiteConnect app for tracking contractors’ locations by linking them to specific information.