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Induction Management

SiteSoft GeoTrack creates a fully customised on-line site induction with a real time connection to your site via mobile access control.

We provide standard general induction templates for property managers to select and they can be simple “booklet” inductions or comprehensive instructions with questions and answers.

If needed the administrator can select the SiteSoft GeoTrack modules or create their own. Completion of the induction will allow workers or contractors to gain access to the site.

Contractors and staff of contractors are fully inducted by the time they arrive on site. With a fully automated process in place your staff are freed up for more important duties and your safety risks are fully managed.

Your liability is minimised and any legal action becomes manageable and fully supported with documentation.

  • Personnel must qualify to be onsite
  • Contractors inducted before arriving
  • Cost of inductions reduces
  • Inductions are seamlessly interfaced to access system.

Inductions are available to any external staff and visitors