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SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk

SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk is a feature designed for being used on an on-site tablet located near all entrances to your site.

SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk is a direct link into SiteConnects comprehensive digital Health & Safety solution.

Optimal for one-time visitors to sites, contractors who don’t have access to smartphones and areas with low mobile phone coverage but have Wi-Fi access.

SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk gives you the ability to monitor all site visits removing the need to have a paper register. This information is fed directly into SiteConnect and stored securely for when you might need it for compliance reasons.

  • Seamless Reporting
    Contractor “in’s” and “out’s” are generated upon signing in and out integrating with SiteConnect live reports. Know who is on-site when they got there, when they leave, what company they belong to and their emergency contact Information.
  • Declarations
    Customise on-site declarations giving you the ability to communicate efficiently the key areas of focus or flag common on-site hazards. 
  • Stay Compliant
    Unlike traditional registers, the data collected from the SiteConnect Visitor Kiosk is stored securely on your SiteConnect account so that you can access it whenever you need it.
  • Communication
    Having one place to communicate effectively your most important information is critical but having all of the data available to be used as evidence of your compliance is paramount to staying compliant on your site.