Spring 2018 edition of GeoMail

There is no doubt that the health and safety at work environment is at the forefront of company and enterprise managers, directors and owners worldwide.

At SiteSoft we’re at the coalface of health & safety technology – offering leading-edge GeoFencing of properties; buildings of all types, commercial, apartments, factories, leisure assets and education facilities.

SiteSoft delivers a simple solution to communicate and record risks and hazards, tracks your workforce and streamlines document management to improve compliance and certification. Read more in our Spring 2018 edition of GeoMail

Spring 2018 edition of EduMail

SiteSoft is an essential NEW technology for schools to meet the demanding requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 – track contractors and visitors to your school grounds – ensure they are properly inducted and acknowledge the school risks and hazards.

Track school contractor visits and reconcile time on site, track tasks, manage worker competencies, documents  and get your police vetting up to date to meet statutory requirements. Read more in our Spring 2018 edition of EduMail