Documentation management

We manage your database of identification and qualification information for all employees and contractors that have access to your site. Copies of licenses, work tickets, insurance certificates and company number (if applicable) for contractors and sub-contractors are always close at hand and updated prior to expiry. Failure to update this information will result in access to your site being automatically denied. There is a clear incentive to keep this qualification information up to date.

We maintain your database on your behalf. All employee and sub-contractor personnel information including copies of the support documentation is kept securely on file:

  • Licenses,
  • Photo ID
  • White card
  • Builder Licenses
  • Qualifications and supporting
  • Insurance Currency Certificates
  • SWMS or SSSP

None of this original material is required to be bought on-site so there is no risk of losing important documents. Your liability is minimized and any legal action becomes manageable and fully supported with documentation.

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