Contractor On-Boarding Guide – Employee Account Details – Web Option

As a an employee user within the SiteSoft solution you have the responsibility of keeping your account details and competency documents up to date. Use this guide to help manage your account details. Go to to get started.

Download a copy of the Employee Account Version (Web Version) Boarding Guide here.



Step 1

Keep your account up to date by going to My Account in the top right corner of the web app. You will see a few tabs on the page that loads. Start with the My Account tab and complete the full form as well as entering a new, more familiar account password that you can remember. 

Step 2

When your account is upadated, go to the My Documents tab and upload all your competency documents e.g. your work visa, driver’s license, passport, SiteSafe certificates etc. Make sure that these documents are visible to the companies employing your services. 

Step 3

Complete any additional tasks listed on your dashboard by clicking on them. All uncompleted task will take you to a different section of the application which you need to complete. 

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