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Health, Safety and Environmental Management Solutions

Our SiteConnect Health, Safety and Environmental technology creates greater engagement within your workplace.

SiteConnect is an easy to use, quick to deploy, compliance platform that helps companies communicate and easily record Health & Safety across your organisation.


SiteConnect makes contributing towards Health & Safety Compliance simple.

Create Greater Engagement with Total Site Messaging

SiteConnect creates greater engagement, enabling you to have better total site management. It's not only about Health & Safety, it's about communication.

Pick the Right Solution - SiteConnect is a One-Stop-Shop

SiteConnect is a one-stop-shop for managing all Site Sign-in & Inductions, Site Safety, SSSP Management, Total Site Messaging and Contractor Pre-qualifications. SiteConnect removes the need to rely on either a paper-based health & safety system or an over-promised and under-delivered digital system.

manage multi sites with unlimited users

Have confidence that one Health & Safety platform can be used throughout your enterprise.

Open API Gateway - Integrate Your Business Systems

By leveraging SiteConnect’s open API gateway, you can integrate SiteConnect to your core Enterprise business systems to give the flexibility and functionality you need to be successful.

Unlimited Users - Health & Safety Compliance Accessible to Everyone

SiteConnect removes the cost-barrier for compliance by enabling free use by all employees and contractors; charges by site, making all users free.


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Our Industry Solutions

Commercial Construction

Industry leaders turn to SiteConnect as the cost-effective platform to quickly communicate and engage health & safety compliance to all that enter a potentially dangerous building site.

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Body Corporates

Manage your Contractors more efficiently and comply with your Health & Safety obligations.

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Residential Builders

Residential builders now protect their people using SiteConnect as their one-stop-shop.

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Asset Management

Gain more visibility of Contractor movements around your asset.

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Facilities Management

Manage Contractors more effectively at your Facility.

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Quickly clone sites, engage all workers with the app, automate SSSP management and increase communication from site to office.

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With SiteConnect's Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Software, you'll be able to:

Report in Real-Time

Confidentially report on your data in real-time.


Prove your Health & Safety compliance.


Give you and your workers more ways to be in control of safety.

SiteConnect Site Sign-in Features

Increase Engagement

Increase employee and contractor engagement.

Online System

Reduce reliance on paper systems.

Online Documents

Address Site Safety, Site Sign-in, SSSP Management and Pre-qualifications.

Our demos are customised around you.

Let us answer your questions and learn more about your unique business challenges. We love solving your problems.

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