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Gain more visibility of Contractor movements around your Assets

How well do your current management systems control who is on site, when they attended, their qualifications to be on site, and their compliance under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015?

With SiteConnect we use advanced technology to give you increased visibility of contractor activities, attendance, task management and total communication to improve engagement around site management.

Issue work orders (new March 2021) against trackable tasks, develop custom audits and inspections and output easy system generated reporting to all stakeholders.

Store and share specific important property documents to share as necessary.

Health & Safety compliance is essential to protect employees, and contractor workers. Failure to do so could result in serious injury, significant fines for Managers and Directors, and reputational damage.

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Tammy Alexander Health & Safety Advisor at Maugers Contracting

Our Operational sites are anything from one member on-site to all hands on deck. No day is the same in our field. SiteConnect has given us the ability to contact and trace our teams along with being an excellent site management and health & safety program.

Why Choose SiteConnect?

Total Site Messaging

Use SiteConnect to communicate with everyone involved in your project or site.

Replaces Manual Processes

Join the digital world and make digital tools available for your teams.

Greater Engagement

We understand that engaging health & safety can be challenging; SiteConnect has been built from the ground up with this in mind.

Hazards & Incidents

Reporting hazards and incidents, and investigating is easy with SiteConnect.

Audits & Inspections

SiteConnect makes Auditing and Inspecting easy with customizable forms.

Connected Teams

Harness the power of smartphone technology. Connect your teams using the same applications no matter where you are based.

One Solution

SiteConnect can work together with your mission-critical software.

Site Reporting

No who has been on-site when they arrived and when they left, and how long they were there.

Health & Safety Advisory

Our professional health & safety advisor is only a phone call away if you or a team member has any questions.


SiteConnect and SiteConnect data can be integrated with all your business systems.


Data recorded is pulled into powerful analytics to give you and your team actionable insights.

Data Extraction

Data can be extracted by CSV and exported as required.

Our demos are customised around you.

Let us answer your questions and learn more about your unique business challenges. We love solving your problems.

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