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Argosy, one of New Zealand’s leading listed property companies, has a diversified portfolio of industrial, office and large retail format properties valued at $2.01billion. Managing 157 tenants across 55 properties throughout New Zealand, tenants include Government departments, large listed and unlisted businesses such as District Health Boards, BP New Zealand, The Warehouse, NZ Post, Mitre 10 and Tonkin & Taylor.

Argosy focuses on green new developments and is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange under the ticker code ARG with over 9,000 shareholders.

Having been awarded "Tertiary Status" in ACC's Workplace Safety Practices, which is the highest level of achievement possible and represents "best practice" in health and safety compliance, Argosy uses SiteConnect to help manage these Health & Safety obligations.

Argosy - A SiteConnect Case Study

How Argosy update their outdated contractor management system to adapt to the changes in Health & Safety legislation

Before SiteConnect, Argosy had limited contractor management and health & safety software systems in place. The change in health & safety legislation in 2015 resulted in a new layer of personal liability risk concerning stakeholder activity and contractor pre-qualification across Argosy’s substantial property portfolio.

The real risk came from having multiple stakeholders coming together for varied tasks across Argosy’s extensive property network without one system to manage, pre-qualify and record the day to day operations of these stakeholders.

This liability risk spanned from operational managers all the way to the board of directors.

Testing multiple solutions to find the right fit

Argosy understood that they had a compliance issue and it needed to be fixed. After 14 months of product due diligence throughout 2016, Craig Dodds (Compliance and Health & Safety Manager) spoke with a considerable number of solution providers with the aim to find the most effective way of solving the challenge. Craig even looked at developing their own native system but soon came to the realisation that it would be expensive, time consuming and could quickly become redundant. Argosy identified SiteConnect as a strong leader.

As one of New Zealand’s leading property companies, the team at Argosy could see the opportunity for scalability and influence into the development process of the SiteConnect solution to create something current and relevant for the property industry.

What Argosy Says

Argosy has a portfolio of quality industrial, office and large format retail properties that help our tenants thrive.

SiteConnect Customer Reference Quote - Craig Doggs of Argosy
Craig Dodds Compliance and Health & Safety Manager at Argosy

My personal favourite SiteConnect feature is the Mass Communication feature. It gives us the ability to communicate with stakeholders and contractors across different sites and locations around the country from the comfort of my office.

    An easy to use one-stop-shop software solution

    In 2017 Argosy made a company-wide decision to implement SiteConnect as the one-stop-shop provider of a digital contractor management solution. The compliance team were particularly impressed by the development of the solution and SiteConnect’s development team's ability to develop a solution that helped to solve universal industry challenges.

    The key to SiteConnect’s ongoing relationship with Argosy comes down to ease of use as many systems out there are pretty confusing.

    “SiteConnect fits into that ‘easy to use’ category, which has been vital for the success of the system.”

    It’s all about the engagement of contractors, which has led to the continued engagement from contractor businesses to comply with Argosy’s contractor management and health & safety system.

    Championing safety and compliance across the industry

    SiteConnect is a capture all data solution and is yet another string to Argosys' bow in maintaining the position of leaders in the property sector, with compliance and safety naturally being a focus. SiteConnect’s system architecture means all stakeholders have access to the front end of the system, providing frontline data collection, allowing remote access and real time reporting of contractor compliance information.

    “The SiteConnect development team stood out. I’m old-school and the fact that the team consulted us in a way we understood and trusted made the onboarding process simple.”

    SiteConnect is now crucial to how Argosy runs their business alongside multiple stakeholders and subcontractors daily.

    SiteConnect also solves the compliance issues surrounding who is on Argosy sites but gives two options of site and property sign-in. Contractors can choose between multiple sign-in options, automatic sign-in with geofence or manual sign-in with camera QR code which provides Argosy with another layer of access control that was impossible to manage previously.




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