Free Report: Are You Risking Compliance?

Are You Risking Your Business By Ignoring OHS Compliance?
3 Questions To Ask

…and a good answer to each one of them.

Knowing the answer to these three questions can dramatically impact your company’s bottom line every day.

1. What will it cost you for a breach of OH&S Safety Compliance?

2. Do you understand where your business may be at risk?

3. Are you following best practice to ensure your business is OH&S compliant?free-report

rob-hastingsHi, my name is Rob Hastings, and I’m an OH&S Compliance Consultant based in Melbourne, Victoria. My direct line is 0413 991 891.

I specialise in cost reduction, increased efficiency and increased management control in the building industry. Traditionally this industry has relied on paper based compliance and induction for the last 60 years?

Enter SiteSoft…

Sitesoft in alliance with Master Builders Association (Victoria) offers a new Australian designed software site management solution offering General Contractors, Sub Contractors, workers and Tradespeople the ability to complete general and site specific inductions, lodge certifications and plant on line and using a phone app the ability to control site access and exit via Geofence.

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