Contractor Employees’ FAQs

What has changed if my password not working, Induction Code is not loading or I had this set-up months ago?

The new SiteSoft GeoTrack app was only adopted by the company you are working for recently and the old SiteSoft App has now been discontinued. Therefore, we no longer have induction codes. Go to App Store or Google Play, download the SiteSoft GeoTrack App and sign in using the login credentials that have been emailed to you.

If you cannot find these, your username is your email address and you can reset the password by clicking “Forgot Password?” on the web portal or mobile app and you will automatically receive an email with a new password. 

Am I being tracked?

You can only be tracked on company sites where a geofence has been set-up. Therefore, it will not show if you are at home or anywhere else - only on sites you have been assigned too. Our GeoTrack app simply delivers induction materials/hazards and registers when you arrive/leave a company site.

How much data/battery is this using?

If you are using an iPhone, ensure health & fitness is turned on to help save your iPhone battery. Our GeoTrack app only uses 50MB (a very small amount) of data over a month of full use everyday.

I’m onsite but not getting notifications?

Check the following first:

  • Are you using the correct SiteSoft GeoTrack app? 
  • Is your data on? 
  • Are you logged into the GeoTrack app? 
  • Are your notifications enabled? 
  • Are your location services enabled? 
  • Do you have poor reception in your area?
  • Have you only just gotten there?

Our GeoTrack app will only register a person being onsite if your phone GPS shows you’ve been within the geofence area for more than 5 mins; it may take up to 10mins. 

If you have checked all of the above and are still having problems, contact the SiteSoft Tech Team on Freephone +64 800 748 763 or email 

Do I need to scan or sign anything on-site?

No, ensure you have the GeoTrack app logged in (doesn’t have to be opened), ensure all location services/notifications are enabled and data is on. Simply arrive on-site and when you have crossed the site boundary, you will receive a push notification with induction materials, risks, hazards etc. You will need to click “Acknowledge and close” and add a brief reason for your visit.

Am I being charged?

No, you have a free subscription because the company  that hired you as a contractor required a more robust Health & Safety solution. You get free access to the GeoTrack app and it is mandatory to use if you are going to be on a company site.