Contractor Administrators FAQs

How do I add my team?

Only a contractor administrator from your company can add employees. You can add a new contact by going to:

  • employees’ section
  • select ‘add new employee’
  • add their details
  • select ‘save’

The employee will automatically be sent an invite email with further instructions.

How much data or battery is this using?

If you are using an iPhone, ensure health & fitness is turned on to help save your iPhone battery. Our GeoTrack app only uses 50MB (a very small amount) of data over a month of full use every day.

I’m on-site, but not getting notifications?

Check the following first:

  • Are you using the correct SiteSoft GeoTrack app?
  • Is your data on?
  • Are you logged into the GeoTrack app?
  • Are your notifications enabled?
  • Are your location services enabled?
  • Do you have poor reception in your area?
  • Have you only just gotten there?

Our GeoTrack app will only register a person being onsite if your phone GPS shows you’ve been within the geofence area for more than 5 mins; it may take up to 10mins. 

If you have checked all of the above and are still having problems, contact the SiteSoft Tech Team on Freephone +64 800 748 763 or email

Do I need to scan or sign anything on-site?

No, ensure you have the GeoTrack app logged in (doesn’t have to be opened), ensure all location services/notifications are enabled and data is on. Simply arrive on-site and when you have crossed the site boundary, you will receive a push notification with induction materials, risks, hazards etc. You will need to click “Acknowledge and close” and add a brief reason for your visit.

QR Codes may be utilized for some sites, but you will be notified.

Am I being charged?

No, you have a free subscription because the company that hired you as a contractor required a more robust Health & Safety solution. You get free access to the GeoTrack app and it is mandatory to use if you are going to be on a company site.