Sitesoft Product Description

The SiteSoft Site Management Solution allows managers of small, medium and large sites (example construction industry) to get subcontractors and workers to provide their licenses, certification and documents by downloading those into the SiteSoft website. The contractor purchases an induction code from SiteSoft and then allocates that code to a worker in order to complete their online induction. On successful completion of the registration and general induction, workers will receive a text message providing instructions to download the site entry app.

That App when scanned onsite allows for authorised entry to the site – all done without paper thus having an e-product.


Break Points
No. of Workers
 Price Training
Per Month One Time Charge Number
1-15 $ 50.00 $100.00 1
16-30 $ 100.00 $200.00 1
31-60 $ 140.00 $300.00 1
61-100 $ 200.00 $800.00 2
101- 200 $ 325.00 $1000.00 2
201-500 $ 625.00 $1500.00 2
501-1000 $ 1,250.00 $2000.00 3


Site management fee per geo-fenced site: $5.00 per month
Additional training per day: $500
Coding customisation and modifications by quotation based on: $180 per hour
SiteSoft mobile app Free of charge
QR code stickers (high tack vinyl dye-sublimation print): Free of charge

Pricing Notes

SiteSoft pricing is based on the number of workers a principal contractor and their subcontractors have onsite in a month and this can be across 1 site or all of their sites. On the first day of each month the principal contractor will be charged for the total number of workers authorised by them to attend their sites. The charges will be in NZD.


SiteSoft will provide training of at least one person who will be nominated by the principal contractor as the internal SiteSoft “champion” and that training will start when implementation starts. SiteSoft has found that this part of the program is fundamental to a successful initial implementation and ongoing use of the solution. Our trainers will sit alongside the “champion”, either on Skype or face to face, to help them set up SiteSoft and then support the “champion” into the future.