WHS Management

The SiteSoft Solution ensures only those qualified to be on site are.
In the event of a site evacuation an instant muster list is available of all staff onsite broken down by contractor and sub-contractor. At all times we know who is on site. The muster list can be sent to the smart phone of each supervisor to ensure they are able to do a roll-call at the muster station.

The Access System ensure that only qualified staff are on site. The system manages the risk for any “safety” event including a full site evacuation.


The system also provides for :

  • Tool box and safety walk meetings
  • Incident and near missmanagement
  • Email and text communication to all onsite
  • Varying safety warnings
  • Alerts that qualifications are near expiry


Cut WHS Management down to size – The SiteSoft Solution – Here’s how:

  • Ensure all personnel on your site are authorised and qualified to be there
  • All visitors and contractors are fully inducted before coming on site
  • Interface your induction system to your access control system.
  • Allow only external staff, contractors and visitors who qualify to be on site, onto your site.
  • Ensure all on-site personnel have undertaken the induction for that site.